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It is quite common to have people in your circle of friends who share similar values ​​and views to yours. This habit has been common since the beginning and is a way of strengthening oneself as an individual and as a group. However, this is not limited to the personal field — in a business, for example, it is also important to have people who want to move in the same direction as you and pursue the same goals. This is what we call company culture.

An organization must strengthen its culture among employees, as it can be fundamental to attracting or retaining talent in your business. In this post you will discover what company culture is and how to strengthen it. Check out:

What is company culture?

Company culture or business culture are values, behaviors and ideas shared among a company’s employees from the operational to the strategic level. Even the way of acting with the external environment ( customers and stakeholders, for example) can be part of this set.

Remember that business culture is not necessarily linked to the remuneration of a position, although fair payment for work should be part of it, but rather it is linked to everything that happens during the day-to-day running of a business and functions as a guide for its members : practices, symbols, principles, beliefs, policies, systems, ceremonies, jargon, etc.

Is organizational culture fixed or changeable?

Over time and with the change of employees, it is normal for the company’s culture to change, but it is necessary to pay attention to what values ​​will emerge.
With the change of professionals, it is normal for the company culture to change. This is because it is directly affected by employees. Furthermore, a society’s constantly changing values ​​can change what is believed to be right in a work environment.

The growth of your company is also responsible for changing business culture. A company established in the market, for example, will not maintain the same habits and behaviors as when it was a startup. Being aware of these cultural changes is, therefore, important to keep the company flexible and open to change.

How to strengthen company culture?

An organizational culture can be the fundamental factor in retaining talent in your company. Firstly because it is much easier to work in a place that suits your ideas and, secondly, this type of environment tends to be less toxic for the employee precisely because of the alignment of values.

The implementation of positive ideas in the company culture that value worker well-being also prevents employees from suffering from moral harassment and pathologies associated with stress.

It is quite common to hear stories of professionals who left successful careers because the work environment made them sick and data shows that nine out of ten peoples have symptoms of anxiety . This data can be combatted with a culture that values ​​worker health, for example.

Even productivity can increase. Those who identify with the company are much more willing to do satisfactory work . Additionally, a strong company culture has the ability to keep employees motivated.

But there is no point in having a list of ideas and values ​​if nothing is put into practice. See attitudes to strengthen the company culture among employees:

Assess company culture

If you are a manager, you must be aware of the values, speeches and behaviors of a company’s teams. How do they carry out their tasks? How do they behave on a daily basis? How do they act with customers and stakeholders? Look for common habits among them.

Take advantage of this moment to listen to both employees and customers. Find out what they think of your company, what end-to-end relationships are like, what could be improved and what should be adopted as company culture.

Determine what you want for company culture

After this study, it becomes much easier to know what can or cannot be adopted as company culture. There are certainly behaviors that you do not want to continue in practice. For example, if you work in sales, you find that customers feel mistreated or ignored by salespeople. Adopting a culture that values ​​the consumer can reverse this situation.

Also remember to document these values ​​so that all employees (both old and new) are aware.

Be the example

One of the most important tips is to be an example and show the attitudes you intend to adopt as part of the business culture.

Company culture must go hand in hand with leadership. The strategic sector must align or indicate what it wants to adopt as a value in the organization, but it also needs to act as agreed. Therefore, if you want habits, ideas and behaviors to be adopted by employees, you must start by adopting them yourself.

Use company tools

After the company culture is established, all strategic, tactical and operational actions must follow them, including hiring by the HR sector. You can achieve this strengthening by using the company’s communication channels and team .

For example: branding can also be part of business culture. Therefore, the tone of voice adopted can speak to both customers and employees.

Hold corporate events

An event is a way to solidify company culture outside of the work environment. You will be able to observe whether there have been changes in the relationship between teams and external customers, in addition to strengthening the relationship between employees and the company itself.

Events can be lectures with experts in organizational culture, seminars with professionals who you consider examples of what you want for your company and even parties.

As you have seen, corporate culture is essential for retaining talent and improving the work environment, in addition to helping to build the company’s image. And it is only possible with constant work and, of course, it must be updated whenever necessary.

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