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6 reasons to invest in Digital Marketing in 2024

If you are still looking for reasons to invest in Digital Marketing or are looking for ways to bring more prosperity to your business , we will present you with some arguments that will help you make a decision.

First of all, let’s understand what Digital Marketing actually is, right? This is one of the communication actions that make up Inbound Marketing , being a fusion of several online techniques, such as:

  • Seo
  • social media;
  • e-mail marketing;
  • mobile marketing;
  • content marketing;
  • influencer marketing;
  • marketing automation.

Now, I invite you to do a simple test: think of a large company that is not as active in the digital world. Difficult, isn’t it? As consumers are more digitalized , it is common for brands to invest heavily in Digital Marketing.

According to a report released by the Think with Google platform , 48% of users search for products through search engines, such as Google itself. Another 33% search directly on official websites and 26% look for items or services in apps.

However, contrary to common sense, Digital Marketing is not just “making a post on social media”. This action requires cross-channel knowledge , trend research , maintaining visibility, audience engagement and a lot of market knowledge.

So, do you want to understand the reasons why it is worth investing in Digital Marketing in 2024 and how to do it in practice? Continue reading

1. Makes it possible to stay on top of digital trends

Today, we have a boom in user search and browsing data and, best of all, all of this is available on the internet. This way, it is possible to create metrics to monitor market trends in different niches.

Tools like Google Trends , for example, can give brands the strength to understand the main search trends and user intentions. In other words, it becomes easier to create products that suit the needs of the target audience. Furthermore, by segmenting them by niche, you can increase the precision of your Digital Marketing actions.

With platforms like this, you can find out what the keywords are for your business and understand what topics are trending in your segment . Using this type of resource can help you find the difference you are looking for in the market.

And this is how you increase your engagement , directing more traffic to strategic points in your company.

2. Helps segment your contact base

Do you know what another determining factor is for the success and scalability of your brand ? Have a segmented audience. With Digital Marketing, you find those who are really interested in buying your products or hiring your company’s services.

Here, it is also possible to have that sweet little help. There are some digital tools, linked to social media platforms or offered by specialized companies, that analyze the characteristics of users who interact with your posts for a certain period.

Then, they create reports made up of a series of data about these people. And this set of information is extremely important for building your persona and defining Sales strategies that are more effective.

3. Brings more visibility to your brand

One of the biggest gains obtained with the popularization of the internet is, without a doubt, its democratization. This means allows people, who would rarely have the opportunity to get to know your brand, to interact with your company .

In the best case scenario, this portion of the population can even purchase your products and services.

Before Digital Marketing, for example, if you wanted to reach a large number of people in a geolocated way, you would have to find a local advertising company and create a billboard or make an ad on the radio. But, do you agree that there would be no way to measure the effectiveness of the strategy or know if customers came because of this advertising?

With this Inbound action, you can pay for advertising that will only be seen by those who see value in your product or service. This also increases the sales prospect and ROI of your strategy.

4. Increases customer attraction

We all know that customers are more likely to share negative experiences than positive ones, right? It was to ensure that your brand has a good online reputation that the famous Influencer Marketing was born.

So, put it into practice: share mentions and publications from users who try and evaluate your products and services. It’s also worth creating a specific session to compile these social proofs, what do you think?

This way, you will be offering content that proves to future customers the quality of your service or product, for example.

In this way, day after day, users with positive experiences are converted into loyal customers, who promote and defend your brand at all costs. And this is the best way to offer social proof to support the consumption decision of other buyers.

5. Gives more authority

So, how is your brand’s relevance in search engines? Earning top positions on search results pages (SERPs) is what SEO professionals aim for. And, even though you already know the best optimization tactics, this can be a challenge.

Achieving organic relevance on the Web with Content Marketing , a branch of Digital Marketing, is one of the synonyms of authority within its respective niche . And achieving this position brings several positive results for the company, such as:

  • clicks on your page;
  • better viewing rates;
  • notoriety recognized by algorithms.

Do you want to know how you can actually achieve this much-desired authority? Well, it’s important to always be aware of market news and available digital tools. Focus on studying SEO practices and topics related to Digital Marketing.

But, most importantly, don’t forget that you produce content for people. In other words, try to produce relevant and quality materials, suitable for your target audience .

6. Increases the ROI of your digital marketing actions

Return Of Investment (ROI) represents getting back what was spent on advertising. This can happen in different ways, such as: profit, with notoriety and visibility on the internet, for example.

And, when evaluating adherence to new strategies, it is essential to pay attention to the ROI of your actions. Digital Marketing has a higher ROI precisely because it makes it possible to reach more people, better direct efforts and have more conversions, with a smaller budget .

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